Global TV news wants us to be involved in a piece on the impact of COVID on the music scene, which we already know  is devastating. Drivers, roadies, technicians, concession clerks, ticket takers, janitors, merch people, agents, managers, musicians, theatre owners, promoters, sound and lighting people, the list goes on...all unemployed for the next 6 months  - 2 years, depending on vaccines etc. Not my favourite year. We'll let you know when it airs.

On a positive note, Strange Advance is putting out a CD (remember those?). We were going through the archives and located so many hidden gems including songs that were meant for our next record. So 30 years later, you're going to hear Strange Advance 4!  Newer songs & vintage songs - remixed & remastered. So happy that they'll now see the light of day. It will also be available to download. Coming soon!

Check out Drews 'Songwriters Lament' page on the Music page! You'll hear demos of unfinished songs and get some insight into the life of a songwriter!